Jalori Pass: Extremely High Gradient Cycling Trail

Difficulty Level: 242

Ascent: 2158 meters over 20 kms.

This is one of those passes that can taken up from either side, depending on what difficulty level you want. The side from Aut offers a difficulty level of 195 over 42 kms and the last 20 kms the difficulty level is at 242. Only the most ardent climbing cyclists rides all the way, most walk with their bikes when the gradient too steep.

The Elevation Profile of the last 20 kms from Aut is shown below.


Himalayan Cycling Elevation Profile of Jalori Pass

Cycling Elevation Profile of Jalori Pass


To make it more challenging, the road quality depreciates significantly over the last few kms to Jalori Pass from Aut This is especially true if you hit the pass during rains or when it has snowed earlier. There is no way a road bike can take this challenge, you will either need a Cyclocross or a Mountain Bike. Though it is possible on a Hybrid, such bikes are not recommended. The Dangerous Roads website has more info.

The following video shows you the state of the roads in August 2013.


To take this Himalayan challenge, you need to get yourself and your bike to Aut (980 meters). You need two days. First day is light and you’ll ride to Banjar 1300 meters. Day 2 is when this cycling trail gets nasty. Since the gradient is steep and the road is cruel gravel, avoid taking small cars; you just might .

After you’ve cycled up Jalori Pass from Aut, you’ll have a peaceful downhill ride to the river bed. Ride to Behna on the river bed and then take the cycling challenge to the Hattu Peak.

The alternative way to start near Kingal, by the river bed, and end at Aut. The ride is 43 kms to Jalori Pass. The cycling elevation is shown below:

Cycling Elevation Profile Jalori Pass from Kingal

Cycling Elevation Profile Jalori Pass from Kingal

For a self-guided, trip read the following posts. Ajay Jaiman and a few others have done a wonderful job in documenting his experiences. Here are some recommended links:

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