Sach Pass: A Brutal, Killar Himalayan Cycling Trail

Difficulty Level: 297

Ascent: 2937 meters over 45 kms.

Yes, this is possibly the nastiest cycling climb in the Himalayas. The Elevation Profile is shown below. It is 45 kms. of sheer brutality.

Elevation Profile Sach Pass, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation Profile Sach Pass, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

The gradient is mostly consistent over 45 kms. To make it more challenging, the road to Sach Pass has substantial gravel. There is no way a road bike can take this challenge, you will either need a Cyclocross or a Mountain Bike. Though it is possible on a Hybrid, such bikes are not recommended.

The following video shows you the state of the roads in August 2013.

To take this Himalayan challenge, you need to get yourself and your bike to Chamba (750 meters). From Chamba, Sach Pass is slightly over 100 kms. Depending on your fitness levels, this pass can be done in 3 to 5 days. Yes, a support car would be useful. Since the gradient is steep and the road is cruel gravel, avoid taking small cars.

After you’ve cycled up Sach Pass from Chamba, you’ll have a peaceful downhill ride to Killar. This little town in located next to a river bed.

Alternatively, you can start from Killar and head to Chamba via Sach Pass. The challenge with this route is getting to Killar. Bridget Ringdahl has documented her expedition in the following posts:

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